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Support Sustainable Companies


Nowadays you can find a plastic version of almost any object that you use one time and throwaway.  Think about plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic bags and so much more. Most of these will end up in sea gyres and landfills.

Our goal is to support and partner with companies that create sustainable products made out of recycled plastic such as reusable bags and 100% rPET shirts made by Rethink Fabrics .

Community Engagement


 Coordinate plastic pick up days within our local communities. We believe in taking it to the streets and involving the city that we live in. This will also involve going door to door of businesses and passing out pamphlets on recycling.  

Please SIGN UP if you would like to get involved.

Mission Trips


 Organize domestic and international mission trips to clean beaches. Based on funding and corporate sponsorships, we will be taking groups of 12-16 to each annual trip. Please email us at questions@rethinkworldwide.org or SIGN UP if you would like to participate.

Speaking Engagements


Educational workshops, guest speaker or panel discussions. Contact us to book speaking engagements. 

Conduct Green IQ surveys . We educate companies and advise you on how to improve your sustainability initiatives based on how you score via our proprietary Global Green Index system.  

For Individuals, check your Green IQ Here.